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Right when you join ADPI, you are presented with a variety of activities that help you get well acquainted with all the women in the chapter. Thanks to these events, you begin to feel part of something that is more than just a sorority; you are joining a group of intelligent, confident, hard-working, genuine young women who you can call your "sister." We call each other "sister" because the relationships we make with each other are more than a friendship, they are familial relationships. We know that the bonds we make will last a lifetime.

Sisterhood Events

Throughout the year, we have several sisterhood events. Whether it is hiking at Blue Hills Reservation, apple picking at Connor's Farm, or sweating it off at Soul Cycle, we build memories and enjoy every single moment together

All throughout my life, I was super close to my older sister. The thought of leaving her to start my freshman year terrified me, as I was unsure if I would ever find a bond with anyone like I shared with her. Joining ADPI made it possible for me to gain 200 other sisters, and make lifelong friendships with girls that I can always trust and be myself around
— Jordan Roth, sophomore
My big sister Julia is my go-to for advice, number one fan, and role model. I am so grateful to ADPi for introducing us, because she truly is the big sister I never had.
— Sarah McAtamney, sophomore
At such a big university, it is really easy to feel alone, especially during freshman year. Balancing a rigorous course load all while trying to make life long friends seems almost impossible during the first few months at school. When I came home to ADPI, everything fell into place. Not only did I find those friends but I found a support group to guide me through these four years in and outside of the classroom.
— Ani Comella, junior

Big & Little Reveal

Big & Little Reveal is one of the most highly anticipated traditions in Alpha Delta Pi! Alphas (new members) are paired with Deltas (initiated members) to get to know older women in the chapter who act as leaders and role models for the new member class. These friendships are truly special to all the girls within the chapter. Big & Little reveal is all about finding someone who will provide you with love, guidance, and support.